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November 25, 2009 10:05pm ET - 1 comment
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With the holiday season upon us, now is a great time to start thinking about giving back. Meet our top supporter, Dusty. Not only has he contributed well over $300.00 USD to Distortion Radio in the last year-and-a-half, but he also exemplifies everything that we could ask for in a listener. Is he extremely wealthy? Not at all. He's just a really nice 23-year-old guy from Somerset, PA working to make a living like everyone else. What makes him special is that he realizes how unique this station is... that without his support (and the support of other listeners), Distortion Radio will cease to exist.

If you consider yourself a dedicated listener, here are a few simple things you can do to ensure that we can continue bringing you the music:

It's the easiest way to show your support. Plus, if you love the station, why not? Listen to nonstop, commercial-free music whenever you want.

Don't just be a listener. Join in the chat room and interact with other members. Meet new people and talk about your favorite music. Start a blog or discuss topics in the forum. There's a lot to do on the site, and you'll earn points for almost everything. Check it out!

Tell people you know, and post a Distortion Radio banner anywhere you think it would help (MySpace, blog, website, etc.).

Also a great way to spread the word, buying a shirt from our store gives you an opportunity to take Distortion Radio with you wherever you go. Play it loud and wear it proud!

Because we are commercial-free, we rely on your support to help cover operating costs. Show your appreciation for all the work that goes into this station. Send a donation via PayPal.

"This is a great station, and I recommend it to everyone," Dusty said recently in the chat room. "It does a nice mix of modern rock, alternative, pop punk, mainstream mix, hardcore, some screamo, and emocore. Some metal mixed in as well. It's a great station and the best music in the world is played here. You can make requests and meet new people as well." Dusty is fully committed to supporting Distortion Radio for the long haul. "I'm the top supporter here. Please feel free to donate a few dollars to this station," he urges others. "Every little bit helps keep it ad free, and it also helps to add more music to the rotation! That's what we want right?! I've donated I don't know how much, but I would also like to see [others] contribute as well. Thank you!"
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1 comment

Jon Bova says:

Way to go Dusty! (and other supporters)

posted Nov 29 2009 2:47 PM