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July 22, 2010 3:55am ET - 0 comments
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On Tuesday, 7/20, Distortion Radio was at Vans Warped Tour 2010 in Columbia, MD. A hot and steamy summer day couldn't stop us from hanging out at the longest-running music festival in North America, and we wasted no time meeting up with some of the bands.

Local act Dropout Year played early in the day on the Ernie Ball stage and performed as a full band for the first time in months after going through several member changes. Lead singer Steve Reter spent a few moments chatting with us after their set. Later on, we met up with Fight Fair (Triple Crown Records) from San Diego, CA, and Closure In Moscow (Equal Vision Records), an Australian progressive rock group who had been playing their first ever Warped Tour. We appreciate all of the bands that took the time to talk with us and record some shout outs for us. Be sure to listen for some of the on-air material that the artists recorded during the event!

There were so many great bands to see and definitely something for everyone, but our favorite was Sum 41 on the main stage. With the circle pit going in full force and crowd surfers to top it off, Sum 41 was certainly the highlight of the day. Nearly the entire crowd was standing during "Fat Lip," with the audience singing along through the whole song. The set featured some of the band's early hits and several covers including songs by Metallica and The Rolling Stones. It was a great performance and a definite crowd pleaser.

In all, Warped Tour 2010 in Columbia, MD was an amazing event. Although the tour has deviated from its punk roots in recent years, it still has a lot to offer, and we look forward to returning next year for Warped Tour 2011!
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