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November 11, 2011 11:55pm ET - 0 comments
Tags: site update, new features, new music
At Distortion Radio, we are constantly innovating. With the introduction of upgraded user profiles today, we have paved the way for some exciting new features that will create an all-new listening experience on our site. While we announced plans for a new music platform earlier this year, we'd like to share more details as the project nears completion.

Starting in December, on-demand streaming will be enabled on artist profiles, allowing you to explore and discover original, independent music from up-and-coming artists all over the world. As our library expands, we will be able to offer an increasingly diverse selection of music with lots of ways to share with friends and engage with the artists themselves. In early 2012, customizable channels will be introduced alongside our existing stations, delivering more genres and more control over the music you want to hear. You will be able to enjoy even more unlimited music on nearly every computer, phone, and tablet with completely free access wherever you go!
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