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March 29, 2012 5:40pm ET - 0 comments
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Zip Zoo Apparel is an independent clothing company from Cincinnati, OH. Owner and founder Nick took some time to do an interview with us. Check it out below:

Q. Tell us a little about yourself and your designs.

A. My name is Nick, I am 26 years old and I am a sports fanatic. The past two spring lines have been baseball inspired and this one will be as well which will be released on April 22nd. The reason, I believe that baseball is America's pastime and everyone has a soft spot for the game, along with the cool throwback designs. Also, I like to create geometrical and symmetrical designs. For each season, I release a new line and create a theme relative to the mood that season makes us feel. Then I design around that theme in hopes that people will see my creation and feel what I felt when designing.

Q. What inspired you to start Zip Zoo Apparel?

A. When I was a teenager I had a skateboard crew called the "Zip Zoo Go Getters" (laugh because it's supposed to be funny). Then I had a some setbacks physically and was unable to perform so I kept the name and chopped off "Go Getters" and started making T shirts. The first designs were really bad but I think they get better with each line. Now, my inspiration with Zip Zoo is to create clothes that are not limited to one demographic. I want to have a brand that everyone loves and wants to support.

Q. How do you promote your store and products?

A. Obviously, my free options are Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter. There is also the Zip Zoo website where I have promotions for sales and interviews with our endorsed friends. In return, they promote for me on their social media outlets and websites if they have them. Like, "cough cough," the great Distortion Radio. Other than internet I have my clothes in a tattoo shop in Cincinnati called Live Loud Tattoo and I sell at local shows, music festivals, and shows I am involved with promoting and endorsing.

Q. Do you accept design ideas from customers and fans? If so, what is the best way to present their ideas to you?

A. I have branched to friends for designs a few times but I like to keep it all within Zip Zoo. However, I will never say no to someone else's design if fits our style and the price is right. The best way for them to talk with us and submit their design would be to email us at zipzooapparel@yahoo.com or on facebook.

Q. Which product has been the most popular?

A. The most popular design I have ever made was the 2011 spring line henley titled Classic Script. It is a hand drawn type I made and distressed in photoshop. It is a simple one color design on an american apparel short sleeve henley. The design along with the fit of the shirt takes you back in time to when you used to play baseball in the neighborhood when you were a kid.

Q. What are some future plans for Zip Zoo?

A. Our future plans are to keep printing and designing cool clothes that keep our customers coming back. Also, we are sponsoring a battle of the bands in April and then releasing the Spring line as well so keep checking our social media sites for updates and sneak peeks. We may surprise you at a show and setup our merch so make sure to keep an eye out for us wherever you go. Last, we will be setting up at the Cincy T fest on fountain square this summer so check us out because we will have the coolest booth there. Wherever we are, come talk to us because without your following we would be nothing and we appreciate everyone who supports us.

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