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February 28, 2014 11:45pm ET - 0 comments
Tags: site update, new features
Technology is moving at a quicker pace than ever, especially in the mobile sector, and we have made it our goal to develop a faster, more streamlined interface with new features that will redefine what a music streaming service is capable of. Our team has been engineering a complete overhaul in anticipation of a major site relaunch as well as our upcoming mobile apps. We can't wait to share all the exciting things we are working on, not only for listeners but for artists too. We look forward to introducing new genres and innovative ways to discover new music as part of our expanding independent music platform, iDR. In addition, we will be able to extend incredible opportunities to artists directly to help them reach new audiences through the use of advanced integrated tools.

As we reach a pivotal juncture in the digital music landscape, it is imperative that streaming services not only adapt to the latest cutting-edge tech available but also forge new paths into the future of music discovery. Until then, we hope you continue to enjoy the music. Thanks for sticking with us!
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