With hundreds of thousands of listeners monthly, Distortion Radio is an increasingly popular music destination for teens and young adults. It's one of the best ways to get your brand seen by an engaged, relevant audience. To help you reach exactly the right people, we offer highly targeted ad placement options with formats including banners, audio, and video, as well as custom integrated solutions. Advertisers of all sizes can deliver high-impact campaigns reaching young individuals who are technologically-savvy, engaged in social media, and passionate about music. Whether you are launching a new product, looking to increase product sales, or simply generating brand awareness, Distortion Radio can become an integral part of your marketing efforts.

Why advertise with Distortion Radio?

  • • Low-cost solutions (competitive rates – just request a quote below)
  • • Easy to get started (simply submit an ad or we can help you create one)
  • • Advanced, targeted advertising (save money by marketing to the right people)
  • • Effective marketing (guaranteed traffic with users just a click away from your site)
  • • See the results (real-time reports are always available)

Reaching consumers and connecting with them has become a challenge in today's increasingly crowded landscape. It is important for businesses to trust that they can continue to grow and deliver their message during these times. Internet radio is a great solution as it uses the precision of digital media to enable companies to reach a highly targeted audience, revolutionizing the way brands can connect with consumers. Distortion Radio is consistently engaged in various social marketing campaigns to ensure that our audience will continue to grow and that our advertisers will continue to benefit.

What type of brands benefit by advertising with Distortion Radio?

  • • Magazines/Digital Publications
  • • Clothing/Apparel Companies
  • • Bands/Record Labels
  • • Musical Equipment Companies
  • • Designers/Photographers
  • • Tattoo Companies
  • • Game Developers
  • • Skate Gear Companies
  • • Energy Drink Companies
  • • Food Novelty Companies
  • • Concert Venues
  • • TV Networks/Video Production Companies
  • • Technology/Consumer Electronics Companies
  • • CD Manufacturers/Distribution Companies
  • • Booking Agents/Tour Promoters
  • • Entertainment Lawyers/Agencies
  • • Non-Profit Organizations

How does Distortion Radio promote artists and labels?

Free promotion is available to all artists and labels. With a free account, artists can upload music on their profile to receive on-demand plays and potential airplay. Additional marketing could be beneficial to new artists looking for exposure or artists with newly released music. Recently, with several large shifts in the way people find music online, it has become more difficult for artists to find new outlets for getting their music in front of the right people. Our unique platform encourages listeners to engage with the artists, automatically generating more interaction and leading to more interest. For details and specifications about paid advertising options and featured placements on Distortion Radio, please contact us using the form below.

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