ILLIDIANCE was formed back in 2005 beginning as modern black metal band with their first album "Insane Mytheries To Demise" (2006) and progressing as cyber electronics with technical black metal riffs with their second album “Nexaeon” (2008) . Together they sold over 5000 copies. Another 6000 copies worldwide was sold after the band took part in the Brutal Festival Compilation 2006. The release of “Synthetic Breed” EP in 2009 saw the natural move towards more catchier cyber metal style
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Members 1. Shkurin Dmitry (Xyrohn) - leader of formation: lead guitars/vocals,
2. Shkurin Artem (Syrex) - clean and screamvoice,
3. Tim Vyper (Integro) - guitars,
4. Tony Cyclone - drums.
5. Evgeniy "Neutrino" Nesterov - bass
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