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Downforthecount was founded in 1998 by Matthew Bowen , Ben Huskins, Jacob Pheagan and Jon Richards . It began as a punk/hardcore band playing in the filthiest clubs in Down town Charlotte,after almost getting famous everyone split and went their own ways.Bens in a band called the side ,Jacob has a family,Jons in HATE THE LIVING/VIVIANS, but Matt is the only one who has continued with the name .Mat...t has played with other musicians under the same name but he prefers to write music by himself.Recently he has completly changed his style combining flamenco with his music .Ocean was recorded in South America in Chile .He frequently visits there for musical influences for his songs . Matt is currently planning his next trip and album in New Zealand . Read more on User-contributed ...

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    Make My Day
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    I Call The Shots, You Call The Cab
    37,355 listeners / 291 plays
    She's Walkin' Like She Knows I'm Lookin'
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    Southern Lovin'
    36,123 listeners / 270 plays
    Paperback Novelty
    36,027 listeners / 295 plays
    Write This Down
    36,018 listeners / 288 plays

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