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Formed in Orlando, FL. in the summer of 2006, "Modern Day Escape has an infectious sound and draws in the crowd regardless of what market they are playing."-Shane Jay Hayes (Essential Media Group) The band was originated when members nXe, and Shep traveled coast to coast, from California to Florida, to meet up with singer James Vegas. Though it almost all ended before even getting started, as Bass player Shep was forced to abandon his dreams and return home for personal reasons. Forming the band “Avenging Addison”, JV and nXe continued to rise through the local music ranks. Going through multiple members trying to find the right line up, the boys continued searching for a group of guys with the same spark that they held. Carrying on with the path and heart of the group, they ...

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    Maybe Holding Hands Wasn't Such A Good Idea
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    Let's Get Sweaty
    56,274 listeners / 1559 plays
    Armageddon At Its Finest
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    One Way To Kill A Werewolf
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