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Despite having obvious musical chops, success has by no means been handed to Search The City on a silver platter. And much like a beautiful stone sculpture, this act’s final shape was first cut with sharp chisels and pounded with heavy hammers, before being rubbed smooth with rough sandpaper. As your high school gym teacher always said: no pain, no gain. This Detroit, MI band recorded their first Tooth and Nail full-length, A Fire So Big the Heavens Can See It, in St. Cloud, FL with James Paul Wisner, who has also produced Dashboard Confessional, Underoath, and The Academy Is. While making this CD, the band fought off small town cabin fever, was restricted to bicycle transportation, and even shared a lake with an alligator. But such ordeals are colorful stories for another time ...

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    Ambulance Chaser
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    The Rescue
    31,522 listeners / 236 plays
    Son Of A Gun
    31,090 listeners / 230 plays
    Talk Is Cheap And I've Got Expensive Taste
    30,655 listeners / 241 plays
    In This Scene You're Just An Extra
    30,145 listeners / 233 plays
    Detroit Was Built On Secrets
    29,588 listeners / 223 plays
    Bigger Scars Make Better Stories
    29,478 listeners / 223 plays
    The Streetlight Diaries
    28,340 listeners / 196 plays
    To The Moon For All I Care
    27,295 listeners / 195 plays
    Streetlight Diaries
    18,810 listeners / 177 plays

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